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Choice versus belief

What news writers call social issues are in reality religious beliefs. Consider abortion: There are those who want to outlaw it altogether; their belief is so strong they turn to political parties with the goal of ending abortion by fiat. Yet, because religious freedom is given to individuals, this is unconstitutional.

Those against abortion will never be forced to have one; thus, their belief is protected. But majorities, no matter how large, cannot restrict any who do not share this belief.

Finally there is this to think about: The Republican Party platform’s plank on abortion allows no exceptions. This by inference: The woman upon conception gives up her right to personhood and religious beliefs. She and her family can make no decisions about this pregnancy; she becomes a ward of the state until a child is born.

This has been in their platform for years. Before, the Republican leaders only used it to get votes, then ignored it. Republicans now running the party have every intention of making “no choice” the law of the land.

Nina Elo



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