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Need stronger defense

A troubling story surfaced this week. I heard on the news that China is testing their latest, most advanced stealth fighter. This was troubling because of two reasons: the Mideast unrest and demonstrations against America; and the fact that this administration is trying to cut America’s defense budget.

President Ronald Reagan, a true patriot, always said that America’s best way to maintain peace is “peace through strength.” We have always learned that the best way to stop a war is to be well-prepared for war.

With China quickly developing their most advanced stealth fighter, America definitely needs to continue full development, full funding and full production of our latest technologically advanced stealth fighter, the F-35. America needs the protection all variants of the F-35 offer.

Americans, Congress and administration: We need to have a stronger defense now more than ever. Not a diluted or weakened one.

Ruthie Johnson

Hayden Lake


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