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Fri., Oct. 12, 2012

Cathy protecting entitlements

I need to respond to the letters attacking Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Republicans on Medicare and Social Security. McMorris Rodgers wants to save both programs, but with President Barack Obama and Democratic Party spending spree both programs will be destroyed.

Where are people attacking McMorris Rodgers getting their news? Republicans have stated that no one over 55 will have any change to their Medicare and Social Security benefits. They will be protected. Obama and the Democrats have repeatedly lied about this issue, and the liberal/progressive media has either spun the news and/or has failed to report the truth. Republicans want to fix the programs and protect them for future generations. Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare.

Voting for a Democrat this year will help guarantee that our nation will go bankrupt, and seniors on Medicare and Social Security will kiss their benefits goodbye – $16 trillion in debt and growing, and Obama and the Democrats continue spending like intoxicated politicians.

The people on food stamps and other programs will suddenly find that there is no longer money available. Inflation will dramatically increase and interest costs on the national debt will become the No. 1 expense in our budget forcing other cuts.

Richard Wilhelm


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