Sex offender escapes custody during doctor’s appointment

FRIDAY, OCT. 12, 2012, 4:37 P.M.

A convicted sex offender released into his parents’ custody for a doctor’s appointment escaped Wednesday and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is looking for him.

An arrest warrant was issued Wednesday for 27-year-old Derrick L. Wilson who was in custody due to a probation violation. Judge John Strohmaier granted him five hours to attend a doctor’s appointment at Spokane Eye Clinic in the custody of his parents.

The parents later called officials to say he disappeared when he was filling out paperwork at the clinic.

Wilson pleaded guilty to the charge of molesting a 5-year-old girl in 2007. He faced 68-months to life in prison, but was granted one year in prison and five years in the special sex offender sentencing alternative program for treatment and lifetime supervision from the Department of Corrections.

Lincoln County prosecutor Jeff Barkdull said Wilson was recently discovered violating his supervision conditions including having sexual contact with a minor, frequenting areas where minors might be and drinking. He was arrested September 25 for that probation violation in Spokane County.

Barkdull submitted a motion revoking his special sentence with another hearing scheduled for Oct. 25 hearing to reimpose his prison sentence.

A representative from Judge Strohmaier’s office declined to comment on the case since it is ongoing and pending.

Wilson is due in court on Oct. 16 for charges on malicious mischief and criminal trespass from April and May incidents that occurred in downtown Spokane.

Lincoln County Undersheriff Kelly Watkins believes Wilson may still be in Spokane and authorities are asking that anyone with information on his whereabouts call Watkins at (509) 725-3501.

This story has been edited to correct an error.

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