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Sat., Oct. 13, 2012

Cowan for true representation

There have been several letters recently supporting Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. The work she does for disabled children is commendable, but what about the other children in her district? What about the elderly, veterans, women, jobless, and the poor? It’s interesting that the negative comments outweigh the positive in the online version of the paper. There are clearly many in this district who feel she does not represent them.

As a parent and health professional, I am especially concerned with McMorris Rodgers’ opposition to the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. Her response that the uninsured can go to the emergency room for health care shows her lack of understanding of this vital issue. We need a representative who responds to the concerns of their constituents, not one who spends most of her time courting wealthy donors from out of state.

Rich Cowan is present and accessible. He enjoys dialogue and is eager to talk about his plans for a better future for the 5th Congressional District. He has a proven track record creating jobs in this district, and supports a fair tax structure. Rich knows us, understands what the needs are here in Eastern Washington, and has the compassion, intelligence and insight to truly serve his constituents.

Tara Lee


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