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SATURDAY, OCT. 13, 2012

McMorris Rodgers an illusionist

Good magicians will tell you that to be successful they need to divert people’s attention away from what they are actually doing. Case in point, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

She says she is “protecting the $700 billion that Obama is taking away from Medicare,” but she doesn’t tell you that she voted twice for the Rep. Paul Ryan budget that removes the same $700 billion from Medicare. The difference is that President Barack Obama will take it from insurance companies, drug companies and hospitals, while McMorris Rodgers/Ryan will take it directly from seniors’ pockets by cutting money for benefits.

She says that she is a fiscal conservative, but continues to vote to spend hundreds of billions for weapons systems that the Pentagon does not want and has said they will never use. She attempted to take credit for construction jobs in Spokane, even though she voted against the bills that created those jobs, and she continues to help block needed infrastructure spending.

From health care, to fiscal responsibility, to women’s issues, to investing in our future, she tells us one thing and votes the opposite. She truly is a master magician.

Tony Niemczyk


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