October 13, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Not best for kids


Because of Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Washington Legislature, we now find ourselves voting on Referendum 74 this November. Imagine changing thousands of years of traditional marriage law that proves time and time again that, overall, children do best in households where they role model after their mother and father.

If Referendum 74 passes, public schools will teach children that homosexual sex and marriage are equal to traditional sex and marriage, and there is no meaningful distinction between motherhood and fatherhood. Also, legal scholars predict a sea change in American law and foretell an immense volume of litigation against individuals, small businesses and religious organizations if Referendum 74 is accepted.

Christian parents don’t want a law that forces their children to learn something that is contrary to their religion. Real compassion is telling someone the truth. Marriage between a man and a woman is the best for children. Why does Gregoire want less than the best for our children?

Remember that Washington already affords same-sex couples the same benefits as married couples under a 2009 state law. Voters must mark reject on Referendum 74.

Susan Bacon


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