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Sat., Oct. 13, 2012, midnight

Reject Referendum 74

Rejecting Referendum 74 is citizens stopping what Olympia’s cloistered legislators did. Olympia went against the will of the people in a previous vote, against the court ruling, against research about family outcomes and financial facts.

Legislators ignored the higher rate of partner turnover that increases the cost to the public for dissolved relationships. Rejecting R-74 is only a stopgap so the Legislature can hear from the public and represent you. Tell them what you believe.

Olympia legislators took away the definition of current marriages. If R-74 is accepted, we all lose our gender status; we become partners whether married, or male or female. I can never be a wife, only a partner. We have already lost the titles of mother or father.

Ignore the homosexual rhetoric about homosexual freedom or hate speech against “poor” homosexuals. It is about a path to silence for those who want healthy male/female relationships.

Rejecting R-74 reserves the category of marriage for couples committed to building families and community stability beyond mere personal preference for sexual behaviors. If R-74 is accepted, does that mean that public schools can again talk about the benefits of marriage and abstinence until marriage?

Let’s press that issue.

Jackie Couraud


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