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Sun., Oct. 14, 2012

Bush apologist is laughable

I have a few comments regarding the Oct. 2 column written by Mona Charen, a right-wing hack apologist.

In this nonsensical screed, Charen compared the White House description of the attack to the Bush-Cheney misrepresentations that led to the Iraq war. Let’s check on the validity of that comparison.

The claim that it was not a deliberate attack that killed four Americans may or may not have been correct. What was the damage? No one has died since, and no major amount of money has been expended. It was better than going off half-cocked with insufficient information.

The Iraq war caused the deaths of nearly 5,000 Americans, God knows how many Iraqis – mostly civilian innocents – and the wounding of about 30,000 Americans, including an astounding number of multiple amputees. It resulted in Iran ascending to fill the power vacuum left by Saddam Hussein’s removal. It cost at least $2 trillion. Worst, it was caused by the most deliberate misrepresentation of the truth that I have ever witnessed in 80 years.

Thanks, Spokesman, for clearing things up.

D. Neil Fitzgerald

Spokane Valley

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