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Sun., Oct. 14, 2012

Merit pay for mayor

In response to Mayor David Condon’s acceptance of a 70 percent salary increase several weeks ago, I contacted his office to express my concern. In light of the present economy, the unemployment rate and the lack of pay increases across the board for people who do have jobs, I basically stated that I felt his salary adjustment was inappropriate.

His response, via email, is that the City Charter sets his salary. Acknowledged. He could decline the increase, but refuses to. It is my belief that a salary adjustment should be based on performance, City Charter aside. Condon indicated that ultimately the community would decide if they were “well served by my time in office.” Too true.

In the meantime, Mr. Mayor, your report card is not yet complete. Your resume for getting this job is not a basis for a 70 percent salary adjustment. You have yet to prove yourself.

Tom Starr


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