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Sun., Oct. 14, 2012

Proud of McMorris Rodgers

It is incredibly disappointing to read letters attacking our congresswoman for standing behind House Speaker John Boehner in leadership press conferences. What the letter writers seem to miss is that her rising influence in Congress puts her on that stage. And in that position she is a strong representative for her constituents.

After only a few short terms, our Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has risen to the top ranks of congressional leadership. Eastern Washington should be proud. Rather than tear her down with nasty left-wing talking points, we should be supporting her efforts aimed at helping get Eastern Washington, and the nation, back to work.

Of course, some can never accept seeing women in positions of power. Still others complain about what they apparently hear on MSNBC, and fairy tales from forwarded email chains. To them, I say: If you don’t like a conservative reformer representing us in Congress, get over it!

Eastern Washington will return our representative because she does the job exceptionally well. She accurately, and astutely, represents our views in Congress.

Duane Scott


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