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Wed., Oct. 17, 2012

Obama on right track

The future of our beloved country is at stake. In a few weeks, we the people will decide who will lead America in the 21st century.

President Barack Obama, with his sound judgment, is on the right track. He exudes genuine compassion, and he views the presidency as a call to service on our behalf. Let us allow him to finish what he started: implementing affordable health care, ensuring education for our youth, and securing jobs and health care for our veterans, after they sacrificed so much.

The economy will continue to improve in 2013, especially because of the president’s unwavering efforts to strengthen the middle class and to tackle energy independence.

The president’s opponent seeks the presidency for the glory of it. There is no understanding of our underprivileged citizens. He dismisses their circumstances. There is no compassion or maturity in his behavior toward the disenfranchised among us. Recklessly, he hints at the re-emergence of a cold war with China and Russia, and of a possible war with Iran in that volatile region where our sons and daughters would only be asked to bleed again.

Reflect carefully on Nov. 6.

Halina Slobodow


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