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Recapture spirit of unity

No wonder our country is such a mess. Partisans on both sides of the aisle are so busy attacking the other side that no one has time to stand up for the good of the country. Do you really think that because someone believes differently that you are entitled to belittle their heartfelt beliefs?

I mean really, folks. Christians write things on this page claiming God has given them the divine answer. I worship the same God of the Bible, but I don’t agree that just because someone else reads Scripture a certain way, I must as well. There is room for discernment and dissent. And I would suggest that our Constitution is the same.

The time has come for citizens of the United States to civilly talk to one another, with respect and a measure of understanding that we are indeed all Americans. The other party is not the enemy. The day after 9/11, this country was of one mind as we all mourned that senseless loss together. We need to recapture that unity. It is time for us to join together and seek agreement on the truly important part of being Americans: that we all matter.

Dirk Vastrick

Spokane Valley

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