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French attack laughable

Al French’s personal attack on me (Oct. 13) would be irritating if it weren’t so hilarious! His characterization of my term in office is nothing short of a hallucination. To hear him tell it, with one vote on a commission of three, I single-handedly thwarted every and all developers who came through Spokane County’s door. I put them through all manner of unprecedented hardships while my impotent co-commissioners stood idly by and bowed to my every whim.

I am not sure what Al has been smoking, but most called me the voice of reason even though I rarely won the vote. I will happily put my long career as an advocate for our community up against his reputation as a servant of special interests any day of the week. In fact, many of his hijinks have been chronicled right here in The Spokesman-Review and can be found in the archives.

And by the way, in case you missed it, you can get the facts on the STEP project and the 5,000 jobs it will create for our community by reading my guest column (Sept. 30, “Allow tribe’s STEP project a fair chance”), and decide for yourself.

Bonnie Mager



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