Readers share where to meet men

SATURDAY, OCT. 20, 2012

Dear Annie: “Looking for a Relationship, Too” asked where to meet men. You suggested bookstores, grocery stores, hardware stores, laundromats and sporting events, and while taking college courses, playing golf, softball and basketball, doing volunteer work and traveling. Then you asked your readers for their ideas.

People often overlook dance classes as an excellent way for men and women to meet each other. Many of these people are single and available. There is a vast array of dance styles for every possible interest: Latin, swing, ballroom, square dancing, country-western, jazz, ballet, from the elegant and slow to the wild and sexy. By its very nature, dance brings men and women together in close physical contact.

Those who dance tend to have positive outlooks, enjoy fun times and are socially outgoing. I often find dates as a direct result of being in the dance world. – Dancing in California

Dear California: Thanks for your upbeat suggestion. Many readers told us that the best place to meet men was in church. Here’s more:

From El Paso, Texas: Take up shooting! Men are at the gun show, and guys like a gal with good aim. To win a man and keep a man, a woman needs to engage in activities that men like, too.

Iowa: I live in a small rural community and have found that going to estate auctions and flea markets (even farm sales) can be quite “helpful” in meeting single men. I also recommend going car shopping.

Chicago: Try the lake or a billiards hall. Guys love to play pool and go fishing. Also try the library or dog park. (Borrow a dog from a friend if you don’t have one.) And remember, a mug shot is not a dating photo.

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