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Benn best for district

I’m impressed by 3rd Legislative District candidate Tim Benn. He has intelligence, diligence in researching issues, well-thought-out responses to questions, common-sense approaches to our state’s financial troubles, and workable solutions to getting jobs back in Spokane.

Reading the Q&A in the paper (Oct. 13), there was nothing similar in the answers by the candidates. Marcus Riccelli’s answers disappointed. He is of the tax-and-spend camp that continues to keep this state in financial crisis, and for same-sex marriage, resulting in significant consequences where this law has passed (a big boon for lawyers as anyone can be sued for services to be rendered, even when it goes against one’s conscience).

Benn is for marriage defined as between one man and one woman.

Benn’s fiscal policies will reduce government spending and waste, not cut critical services to those who are most in need, the elderly and children. Small business is the backbone of our economy. We need small-business owners in Olympia like Tim Benn representing us.

Benn is exceedingly principled and will vote according to right, moral, ethical and constitutional precepts. Vote Tim Benn to help restore jobs and financial sanity.

Alene Lindstrand



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