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Billig right person for job

I have been following the 3rd Legislative District Senate race closely and I am convinced that Andy Billig is the right person for the job. Andy has experience creating jobs, which is crucial to me because I am graduating from college in May 2013.

Andy has also shown leadership on important issues in the Legislature during his two years as our representative. He helped save funding for the Museum of Arts and Culture, protected vital safety-net services for kids and seniors, and he helped make our new four-year medical school a reality. Education is a vital aspect of Andy’s campaign.

As a mentor in the Spokane School District, I see the direct impact a good education has on the success of a child’s future. I am also the daughter of an elementary physical education teacher. I have seen first-hand that teachers also need support to ensure a successful early childhood education.

As a student and caring member of the Spokane community, I know Andy Billig is exactly the type of person Spokane needs to represent us in the state Senate.

Stephanie Giralmo



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