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Tue., Oct. 23, 2012

Romeyn wrong about investment

Daryl Romeyn claims that, if elected, he would end Spokane County’s $225,000 annual contribution to Greater Spokane Incorporated for economic development because the county can’t afford the spending while GSI has failed to produce the number of new jobs it had promised.

First, I don’t know what the number of jobs promised was, but let’s review the facts.

GSI reports that from 2010-2012 (2.5 years), they received $650,000 from the county, and their work created a return of $2,543,678 in county taxes, 2,154 jobs and $671,415,859 in economic impact. In any financial review, that would have to be considered a pretty good return on investment. His promise to end funding puts similar future results at risk.

Rather than support Romeyn as a Spokane County commissioner, I would encourage him to join GSI and participate in their Agriculture Committee, as he is an experienced organic farmer. But I would also encourage him to stay away from public policy decisions, as his lack of experience and business finance background is apparently prohibitive to good government.

Bill Savitz


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