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Endorsements inconsistent

On Oct. 16 you recapped your endorsement of Andy Billig over Nancy McLaughlin, calling him a “hard-working lawmaker with a moderate approach. Opponent’s stand on social issues too extreme.”

The same comments could be made about Rich Cowan and Cathy McMorris Rodgers, yet the very next day you endorsed her over Cowan. You gave no real reasons not to vote for Cowan, and there are good reasons to vote for him rather than McMorris Rodgers.

She voted against gays in the military, she opposes same-sex marriage and she opposes abortion in virtually all circumstances. She didn’t sign the discharge petition for the Farm Bill because she and her party’s leaders supported cutting food stamps at a time when many in her district are in need.

Cowan opposes the coal shipments that threaten the health and business climate of the Spokane area in numerous ways, while McMorris Rodgers takes money from dirty energy businesses and the railroads, so is unwilling to take a stand against them.

I intend to vote for both Billig and Cowan, because they would represent our area far better than McLaughlin or McMorris Rodgers.

Show some consistency, Spokesman-Review!

Marian Hennings



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