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Humans, traps are cruel

Wolves must kill to survive. Nature gives them no alternative. Wolves don’t kill for fun, like humans. You won’t see antlers hung in a wolves’ den. Humans and traps are cruel!

If you don’t think traps are cruel, have your foot crushed by one. But that is not the worst part. Trappers are required to check their traps every three days. So you, wolves and other victims could suffer for three days! That’s cruel.

It’s cruel to tether pets in the city. But it’s cruel and dangerous to tether pets in the country because you leave your pet defenseless to many predators, not just wolves.

Occasionally most predators unintentionally start eating their prey alive. They don’t do it to be cruel. Sadly, it is the way of nature. But humans intentionally eat animals alive.

The reason why a non-indigenous subspecies of wolves (occidentalis) was introduced to Idaho is because the indigenous subspecies (irremotus) was slaughtered by humans. A wolf has never killed a human in the Western United States.

If the cruelty of traps is exposed, enlightened Idahoans will ban them. Thank you.

Boyd Lay



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