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Thu., Oct. 25, 2012

Economy stable, growing

I am writing this to encourage all of you to get out and vote for President Barack Obama. Despite what some believe, he has been a steady and solid president with integrity and we really need to re-elect him in a few days. Yes, things are far from perfect in our country and our economy.

You have to look at where we have come from in 2008. We forget how many banks, investment firms, and major companies were going under, how the stock market was plummeting with no clear end in sight. When scandal after scandal was breaking, how many frauds and Ponzi schemes were occurring where a few powerful individuals were fleecing their employees or general stockholders.

We have, in part, gotten past those times, but the United States is still dealing with a major economic crisis in the European Union. Despite this, our economy is stable and slowly growing. The Bush years ended with near financial collapse of the entire country due to preventable factors and corruption within the financial sector.

How short are our memories that we would even considering handing over the reins to the Republican Party right now? That would be very risky.

James Harrison

Springdale, Wash.

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