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Liberty Lake officers make arrests for suspended licenses

The week of Oct. 15 to 22 was fairly calm for Liberty Lake police officers, with the only arrests during the week being four for driving with a suspended license.

Police were called to the 25000 block of Hawkstone Loop for a domestic violence call at 5 p.m. on Oct. 17. A woman reported that a man with whom she had a “dating relationship” hit her in the face after the two were out drinking. She told police she didn’t know the man’s last name and wasn’t sure which apartment he lived in, said Police Chief Brian Asmus. She said he lived in a ground-floor apartment in a certain building in the apartment complex.

Officers checked every ground-floor apartment but were unable to find the man, Asmus said. They also checked their database for his unusual first name and didn’t find anything. “She did have injuries that were consistent with her story,” he said.

Damage to a home under construction in the 100 block of North Chief Garry Drive was reported Saturday morning. A rental company had dropped off a Bobcat the night before and hid a key on the vehicle, Asmus said. Someone used the Bobcat to dump gravel on the garage floor and ran into a garage wall. “Obviously someone had found the hidden key,” he said. “Someone had some fun driving around and knew how to drive it.”

A resident in the 22800 block of East Country Vista Drive reported Saturday that someone had used black spray paint to write on a garage.

During the week officers handed out two citations for speeding. Additional citations were given for license and plates required, failure to use required ignition interlock device, failure to show proof of liability insurance, defective muffler, following too close, speeding in a school zone and failure to wear a safety belt.

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