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Not helpful to tribe

I would like to offer an interesting piece of information on how Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers doesn’t stand up for all of the constituencies in her district. The Spokane Tribe for several years has been seeking her support for equitable compensation for a piece of history that involves the loss of salmon, which was a main staple for survival; the loss of our ancestral burial grounds; and the flooding of land caused by the construction of Grand Coulee Dam.

Coulee Dam was very important to the American citizens during the Pacific and European conflicts.

Gov. Christine Gregoire negotiated an agreement with the tribes that are impacted by the dam to allow draw downs to benefit the Columbia Basin for irrigation and water needs.

The bottom line is the citizens have, and will always benefit from, Grand Coulee Dam.

Cathy’s view was always “I don’t feel comfortable at this time,” therefore I lost respect for her lack of leadership and compassion for such a great injustice.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers came from under the wing of Sen. Slade Gorton, so I guess that tells you where her thinking comes from.

Glenn Ford

Wellpinit, Wash.


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