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SUNDAY, OCT. 28, 2012

I-1240 a thoughtful option

I’m voting yes on Initiative 1240 because it’s a well-written initiative that brings to Washington the best that public charter schools have to offer. I-1240 was created based on the states with the top-performing charter schools and includes strict performance and accountability measures. I taught at a public charter school in another state and believe this initiative will benefit Washington’s students.

Public charter schools are independently managed public schools that are tuition-free and open to all students. They are funded based on enrollment, just like traditional public schools, and teachers are subject to the same certification requirements as teachers in other public schools. Under I-1240, public charter schools will be approved and overseen by either a local school board or a state charter school commission. Each public charter school application must undergo a rigorous authorization process and undergo annual performance reviews. A statewide evaluation after five years is also required before any more public charter schools could be authorized.

I-1240 is a good law that will provide another public school option for many struggling students in Washington. Study after study has shown that public charter schools can achieve outstanding results helping students stay in school and succeed.

Jess Box


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