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Johnson the best alternative

The major party candidates take the same side on most issues. They argue about who will spend the most on the military and who will give the most benefits to their favorite constituencies. Each debate shows why they don’t want Libertarians on the stage.

Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray offer a choice. They will support our military by bringing the troops home to defend this country, and not waste lives and precious resources in military actions against Afghanistan and other nations that pose no threat. They will cut military spending while strengthening our defense. They oppose bombing Iran, the failed drug war, the Patriot Act and its suspension of civil rights, and the National Defense Authorization Act provisions to suspend habeas corpus.

They support balancing the budget in 2013. They propose eliminating the income tax, corporate tax, and the IRS. On all these issues and more, they are on the side opposite President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and with the American people.

Johnson was a Republican governor in a Democratic state, but didn’t feel the need to compromise principles like Romney claims he had to. Johnson vetoed 750 bills. Only two were overridden.

David Wordinger

Medical Lake


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