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Sun., Oct. 28, 2012

McLaughlin listens to voters

Andy Billig is undermining the will of the voters. The voters have spoken repeatedly throughout our state, including his 3rd Legislative District, to raise taxes by either a two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature or a majority vote of all voters in Washington. But Andy has ignored the voters’ directions and is twisting the argument. He says that this requirement “undermines our system of representative democracy” (The Spokesman-Review, Oct. 18) but disregards the fact that in a representative form of government, our representatives are supposed to listen to us!

However, he refuses because he believes the two-thirds requirement violates the Washington state Constitution. Well, then give us the chance to vote on an amendment, as allowed in Washington’s Constitution. But Andy knows we can only have this opportunity if two-thirds of the legislators in both the House and Senate vote to put an amendment on the ballot.

But, guess what? Andy won’t support the majority and do this because he is “not in favor of a constitutional amendment on this issue.”

We need representatives like Nancy McLaughlin who listens to and supports those they represent. If you agree, vote for Nancy McLaughlin for 3rd District state senator.

Gretchen McDevitt


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