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SUNDAY, OCT. 28, 2012

Meyer deserves NIC post

As a retired faculty member from North Idaho College, I am concerned the college be managed to maintain its tradition of providing quality postsecondary education with outstanding value for the taxpayer/student dollar.

Beside administrators, the entity responsible for achieving and protecting this value is the board of trustees. Board members must balance competing interests. This requires lots of time, homework and avoidance of a single-issue mindset. The members of the board running for re-election, Judy Meyer and Mic Armon, have a done a commendable job protecting community, taxpayer and student interests in difficult financial times.

To effectively and fairly represent the public, elected officials need character, integrity and the ability to relate/cooperate with other elected and community leaders.

I have known Judy Meyer for 40 years, and can vouch for her strong character, integrity and work ethic. She has diligently worked as a volunteer in many local and state positions, e.g. the state Board of Education (elected chair) and North Idaho Hospice. Judy and husband, Steve, feel so strongly about community college education that they made a major donation to make the NIC Health Sciences Building a reality.

Consult Judy’s website: meyer-nic.com then vote in this important election.

Dr. Kenneth Wright

Coeur d’Alene

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