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Reward Mielke’s efforts

Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke has clearly demonstrated throughout his years of service his dedication to public safety, and has made it a priority. He brought back Crime Check. Thank you! He was instrumental in funding the Mental Health Court, thereby providing treatment and structured supervision to the mentally ill, rather than a cell in the already overcrowded jail. Plus, his long-range plan for alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders has cut jail costs significantly.

He has led the county through the most challenging fiscal period since the Great Depression, and today our county is in a better financial position than when he took office in 2004. He has carefully explored options and made difficult decisions; eliminating county positions, imposing furloughs and restructuring benefits.

He is a visionary and an advocate for local jobs. His tireless efforts to bring new businesses to Spokane, most notably Caterpillar Inc., speak to his dedication to provide new job opportunities for county residents. If Spokane County is to remain a great place to live, we must re-elect Todd Mielke, a proven leader we can trust to make the right decisions for all of us!

Jacci Aronow

Liberty Lake


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