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SUNDAY, OCT. 28, 2012

If you followed the news closely last week – or even if you didn’t – you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz. Test your news sense with the newspaper edition of That’s News to You. Then go to to try our online interactive edition, where the top entries each week go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries this week go into drawings for four tickets to the EWU-UC Davis football game on Nov. 10.

1. The Trophee Mondial, held last week in Spokane, is an international competition for what musical instrument?

A. Accordion

B. Bassoon

C. Clarinet

D. Drums

E. Oboe

2. School cafeterias in Washington state serve approximately how many lunches each day?

A. 100,000

B. 300,000

C. 500,000

D. 700,000

E. 900,000

3. What’s the name of the movie being filmed in Spokane about the friendship of two local school boys?

A. “Best Friends”

B. “Different Drummers”

C. “Good Times”

D. “One More Chance”

E. Can’t fool me. Movies aren’t filmed in Spokane.

4. Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa is suing a group for failing to disclose the names of donors who paid for political ads in a campaign in favor of:

A. Mitt Romney

B. Raul Labrador

C. Gay marriage

D. Legalized marijuana

E. School reforms

5. WSU head football coach Mike Leach said last week he will suspend players if caught

A. Drinking and driving

B. Smoking marijuana

C. Cutting classes

D. Using Twitter

E. Abusing steroids


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To check your answers and learn who won last week, go to page B3.

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