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Sun., Sept. 2, 2012

Keep personal matter at home

In reading the “Firefighter faces suspension” article in the Valley Voice section of The Spokesman-Review on Aug. 30, I am appalled that a captain and the commissioners of the Spokane Valley Fire Department are in disagreement over the constitutional right of freedom of speech. I question “for continuing to use his department account” in the article.

It appears the captain is using fire department equipment to conduct personal business. If this is the case, the solution is obvious. The captain should handle his personal tasks at home. If the captain is handling his personal tasks while on duty, that is even more reason to handle them at home.

If our fire department is squabbling over handling personal matters while on duty (which should not be permitted) and arguing about constitutional rights, I suggest the hiring of an efficiency expert. The fire department is a business and it should operate as one. The taxpayers are entitled to this.

The fire department can count on me exercising a constitutional right that I have: the right to vote on the next levy. I feel most taxpayers will agree with me.

Bob Kimbrough

Spokane Valley

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