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Plenty of shame in Indians’ postgame

How excited we were to join family at the Aug. 25 Spokane Indians game. An eventful night, with everyone wearing pink for the “brave enough to wear pink” cancer night. Many families were in attendance to celebrate cancer fighters, losses and supporters.

The Indians lost in the end, no shame in that. The horror came after the game. Not one of the team went out on the field to shake hands with the Salem-Keizer team. Not even the coaches. How can they even look into the eyes of a young Little Leaguer who holds them in their heart as a hero? How can they call themselves a man or athlete? They should hang it up now. Call it a season. This is the definition of a true loser, with a capital “L”. Way to embarrass your hometown. To the coaches, you should be ashamed, too. It’s your job to make sure every player acts like a man, and does the right thing. Is sportsmanship a thing of the past? Not in my house. I was embarrassed, you should be, too. Going to the locker with your tails between your legs is the act of cowards.

Kelly J Weidinger