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Republicans ruthless

Hmm. The Republican platform is out and what do we find? We find that they ban abortion at all costs, including rape, incest and the mother’s health. When Rep. Tim Akin, who is on the House Science and Technology Committee, stated that in the “legitimate rape” of a woman, the woman’s body would not become pregnant, they tried to muzzle him, and when he would not be muzzled, they tried to force him out of the race by cutting off his financing.

The Republican/tea party is upset with the Ron Paul libertarians because they used the rules set up by the Republicans to maximize their influence at the national convention. And what did the Republican/tea party do? They stripped the Maine delegation of half of the Ron Paul votes, and Maine’s Ron Paul delegation walked out in protest.

There is also the controversial rule change that many Republicans have said would give more power to the Washington elite instead of the state and local bosses, stopping any kind of grass-roots campaigns.

If the Republicans are willing to do this to their own people, what are they going to do to the rest of us if they win in November?

Lawrence Schuchart



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