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If you followed the news last week, you might do well on this week’s quiz. After warming up below with the newspaper edition, why not try your hand at our online, interactive version at href=””> /newsquiz? All entries have a chance at four tickets to the WSU-Colorado game on Sept. 22 in Pullman, and top entries have a chance at a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel.

1. Teams of up to 20 people participated in a charity event for Special Olympics that involved pulling on a rope trying to move what large object?

A. An International Harvester combine

B. A city garbage truck with a full load

C. A bulldozer

D. A cement mixer

E. A Boeing 727

2. Neil Armstrong, who died Aug. 25, was the first man to walk on the moon as part of what U.S. spaceflight?

A. Apollo 10

B. Apollo 11

C. Apollo 12

D. Apollo 13

E. Apollo 14

3. City officials removed sculptures from what Spokane bridge because of fears that they might fall?

A. Freya Street Bridge

B. Jimmy Keefe Bridge

C. Maple Street Bridge

D. Monroe Street Bridge

E. Division Street Bridge

4. The Coeur d’Alene Police Department announced last week that its officers are now equipped with:

A. GPS tracking systems

B. Special body armor

C. Body cameras

D. Glock 9 mm semi-automatics

E. Tasers

5. Josh Olson, a Freeman High School grad who lost a leg in Iraq but remains in the Army on active duty, will participate in the 2012 Paralympics in London in what event?

A. Wheelchair basketball

B. Shot put

C. Archery

D. Rifle marksmanship

E. Can’t fool me. Soldiers with only one leg can’t stay on active duty.

Check your work

To find out how you did, turn to page B7.

Editor’s note:An earlier version of this quiz incorrectly listed Olson’s alma mater.