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SUNDAY, SEPT. 2, 2012

Vulture capitalism on display

Have you seen those commercials about Medicare supplies being sent to your home for free? This is what our congresswoman calls “small business.” Yes, they send you more supplies than you need at a higher price than your local pharmacy or medical supply using the government-subsidized post office.

If you object to this vulture capitalism and don’t want to reward its underhanded success at the expense of local small businesses, our congresswoman will say you are punishing success. Being successful at the expense of others doesn’t build a strong economy. It just rewards scheming corporations that prey on seniors and local small businesses.

Our congresswoman promotes our government’s version of vulture capitalism when she votes to cut taxes and increase military spending for Fairchild Air Force Base. She is just like the guy who is pitching free Medicare supplies. How do we get a fleet of new airplane tankers deployed to Fairchild by cutting our taxes? Well, it comes from the same source as any other free federal government program. It’s called the national debt. The congresswoman says that she doesn’t want to pass the debt on to our children, but then she votes for more spending and tax cuts.

Pete Scobby

Newport, Wash.

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