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Dive team recovers murder weapon from Spokane River

TUESDAY, SEPT. 4, 2012, 3:19 P.M.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office dive team recovered what is believed to be a murder weapon in the Spokane River today.

Authorities believe the weapon, an AK-47 rifle, was used to kill Marcus Allen Schur, who died of multiple gunshot wounds Dec. 27, 2011 in north Whitman County. His body was discovered March 25 in a shallow creek at the end of Bonnie Lake.

“Obviously this is a huge piece of evidence for Whitman County’s investigation,” said sheriff’s Spokesman Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

Brothers Frank Lazcano, 24, of Pine City, Wash., and Daniel Lazcano, 20, of Spokane, are accused of killing Schur. Authorities say the brothers believed Schur burglarized a home in Rosalia, Wash.

Through their investigation, Whitman County Sheriff’s detectives learned the weapon had been dumped off the T.J. Meenach Bridge sometime after the murder.

Today was the dive team’s fourth attempt at finding the weapon.

“The first three times the water was too deep, swift moving, and visibility was not conducive to being able to see the bottom,” Chamberlin said.

Today, conditions were much better, he said, and they found the weapon almost immediately in a rocky area in about eight feet of water near the bridge.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office forensic unit will analyze the weapon for fingerprints and possibly ballistics.

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