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Tue., Sept. 4, 2012

Tax pledge counterproductive

I think we all agree that our economy and infrastructure are not where we’d like them to be right now. One party thinks that the way back is only through spending cuts, but I believe that is an impossible task without fundamentally disintegrating our country as we know it, especially the infrastructure that helps support our middle class. The reality is that we, as a country, owe money. We’re in this together. If we choose to pay down the debt in a responsible, progressive manner, I believe we can turn this ship around.

Please don’t vote for any politician who has sworn to never raise taxes. This is an irresponsible and immature position that has been surprisingly popular over the last decade. I would argue that it is a sign of weakness and essentially admits the inability of the signer to think independently. Is that really the kind of politician you want representing you?

Here is the current list of signers of “The Taxpayers Protection Pledge”:

Interestingly, two of the signers are Paul Ryan and Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Think about it.

Jeff Ellingson

Liberty Lake

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