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Two juveniles charged with felonies in vandalism case

Two juveniles were arrested this morning in what authorities say is the worst case of vandalism the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has ever seen.

The males, ages 16 and 17, entered a vacant, for-sale home at 10500 block of E. 9th about 3 a.m. this morning and caused an estimated $100,000 in damage, according to Spokesman Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

“It’s the worst case of vandalism we’ve ever seen,” Chamberlin said. “It was terrible. The sad thing is, they had absolutely no reason to do it. It was just something to do.”

They put holes in the walls and ceiling, ripped apart cabinets and destroyed all the appliances, according to authorities. They turned the water on and let it run for hours, flooding the first floor and basement with about two inches of water.

“The deputy said when he got there basement was literally raining from all the water,” he said.

After tearing apart the home, the two left, slashing the tires of seven cars on the way to the residence they had been hanging out at about a block down the road.

They dropped items taken from the house along the way. Deputies followed the trail of evidence to the residence, where a woman confirmed the two had been talking about the crime.

They were arrested at their own homes this morning for felony malicious mischief and residential burglary. They admitted to the vandalism, Chamberlin said.

“They have a very long history with us and they are very well known to Spokane Valley deputies,” he said.

He hopes they will be charged as adults, “but that will be up to the court.”