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Democrats bungle everything

President Barack Obama and the Democrats were given control the last election because the people wanted a change. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a change for the better. Obamacare was passed by the Democrats, against overwhelming opposition by the people. Obamacare does nothing to control the escalating health care costs and was ruled a tax by the U.S. Supreme Court. It’ll be an ever-increasing tax to keep up with rising health care costs. The taxpayers desperately need to have this abomination completely repealed.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is drafting a U.N. Small Arms Trade Treaty. This is nothing but gun control disguised as a trade treaty and must not be approved by the Senate.

Obama has grossly mishandled the illegal alien problem and the economy. In most cases his decisions on enforcement of illegal alien statutes have actually hindered their enforcement.

His bungled handling of the economy has made matters worse. The dollar the economy is based on must be stabilized. Then the inflationary spiral that is ruining our economy must be stopped and reversed. The Federal Reserve Bank could help with this by slowly increasing the prime interest rate.

Arlie Kellogg


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