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The Slice: Recall any pros from high school?

Thu., Sept. 6, 2012, midnight

Did you compete against someone in high school sports who went on to become a professional athlete?

Let’s move on.

Dealing with TVs in the old days (Sunday’s Slice): “Don’t forget that the rabbit ears had to be turned just a certain way,” wrote Dave Nemitz.

“You forgot the aluminum foil on the rabbit ears,” wrote Margo Crosby. “Now that was a trick to position those wads-o-foil just right.”

Monique Lillard noted another omission. “What you left out was how the adjuster would get things all perfect, then step away from the TV and it would turn to snow again,” she wrote. “Physicists have explained to me that the adjuster’s body would act as a large antenna, and when he or she stepped away, the connection would sever.”

Larrie Waterman and several other readers pointed out that a mirror could be used to help rectify the picture on boxy old TVs with controls at the back.

Using a mirror is what Jim MacSuga did when employed as a TV repairman. “Works great,” he wrote. “But hardly anyone ever thought of that. That is why I had a job for all those years.”

Thanking teachers (Part 1): “In the mid 1950s, Mrs. Marian Braun was a warm and kind teacher at now defunct Sacred Heart grade school at 10th and Rockwood,” wrote Michael Conley. “As the only lay teacher amongst nuns, she was exceptionally inclusive. All the boys were in love with her. She had the ability to make everyone feel special.”

From The Slice Blog: Who was your favorite teacher in “Leave it to Beaver”? A) Mrs. Rayburn. B) Miss Landers. C) Miss Canfield.

Sports superstition: Sue Poppino drinks coffee from a Seahawks mug on game day. That hasn’t always produced a Seattle victory. But she has high hopes for this season.

Today’s Slice question: What will be final score of the WSU vs. EWU football game?

If your prediction is exactly right, you will win a coveted reporter’s notebook.

I know. That’s not exactly a grand bonanza jackpot. But then, being wrong won’t cost you anything.

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