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Don’t believe the GOP

Clint Eastwood made me chuckle until he got to the rude part. Marco Rubio was such an inspiration, a perfect speaker to get the crowd revved up for Gov. Mitt Romney. The story about the rose on the bed stand was so tender I got tears in my eyes.

So many great ideas: energy independence, oil production, cleaning up the recession. I was right there with Mitt. Then I began to reflect on what got us here. I remember the subprime mortgage mess that began during the Bush years resulting in jobs and houses being lost. I remembered that more jobs have been created in the past three years than in the previous eight, that oil production is at the highest level in 14 years.

I smiled when the governor said how we all supported a new president and then remembered how Sen. Mitch McConnell gathered other prominent Republicans vowing to make this a one-term presidency. Please! Be a fact-checker before believing everything you hear out of a politician’s mouth. If their mouths are open, they’re probably distorting the facts.

Mikel Reuter



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