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Fri., Sept. 7, 2012

No justice for Corrie

No matter which side of Israel you are on, murder is murder. The Israeli court decision that Rachel Corrie’s death was an accident she was to blame for is sanctioning murder. Her death, caused by the bulldozer made in the United States and driven by an Israeli soldier who purposely knocked her down and then drove over her crushing her to death, has been whitewashed by two presidents.

When four Americans were murdered by Somali pirates, the U.S. government pulled out all the stops to apprehend those who were guilty and bring them to the U.S. to stand trial. Pray tell me, what makes Rachel Corrie’s death different?

Our government needs to extradite this soldier to stand trial in the U.S. Why would Rachel’s family wait for God to incinerate him in the lake of fire for justice? Rachel was from Olympia.

Lloyd Brauner

Loon Lake

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