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Condon critique unfair

Christine Carlile’s concerns (Sept. 3) about Mayor David Condon’s character concerning the recent police chief selection process suggest an understanding of leadership that is either skewed or nonexistent.

Our mayor has shown that he is approaching Spokane’s issues and problems in a systematic manner that exhibits intelligence, organization and action. As you suggest, he will be judged on these skills by the voters if and when he runs for re-election. As far as your baseless claims of political firings and hirings, I’d suggest that you speak with new City Attorney Nancy Isserlis and ask her why she accepted that position from a mayor that she didn’t vote for.

Instead of prior days when our mayor’s biggest accomplishments were electric vehicle charging stations and green driving lessons (city employee drivers), I am pleased that Condon is working to make our city government a better-functioning entity that serves all of our citizens.

Ed Walther



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