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Sun., Sept. 9, 2012

Don’t paint with broad brush

I feel compelled to answer Lee Ann Greaves’ letter, “Rape logic is painful” (Sept. 1).

I am a conservative Republican and feel abortion is wrong except in the case of rape or incest. I am tired of millions of babies being killed because many women use it as a form of birth control. A Republican political person made a stupid remark that legitimate rape usually did not result in pregnancy. Anybody with half a brain knows that is not true.

My complaint is Lee Ann has immediately painted all of the GOP with this remark. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not state this. Are we to conclude things like Anthony Weiner’s exhibitionist posting on Twitter means all Democrats do such things?

I pray all of us can look at the drastic things going on in our country (war, horrible finances, poor performance of schools, etc.) and try to work together to solve some of this.

Margaret Barker

Coulee City, Wash.

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