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Sun., Sept. 9, 2012

Owen’s excuses don’t fly

In your Aug. 31 editorial, you state that Lt. Gov. Brad Owen was “unaware” of the law governing the spending of surplus campaign funds until recently. After following your advice and reviewing the reports filed by Owen, I have to question whether you did the same.

Owen reported expenditures from his surplus funds account prior to 2003. Apparently, he wasn’t unaware of the law then. Did he become unaware of the law after that?

I’m also curious why, if “hundreds” of other politicians are unaware of the obligation to report surplus funds, he is the only politician currently being investigated by the Public Disclosure Commission?

The facts from the PDC’s website make it hard to believe Owen’s claim that he forgot. It is also hard to believe your claim that the law is so obscure that few politicians are aware of it.

Citizens have the right to know where politicians get their money and where it is spent. Your readers deserve a full explanation of this issue and not excuses or justifications.

Ernest D. Greco


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