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Sun., Sept. 9, 2012

Stop obnoxious emails

Although I’ve been discussing politics with various family members since the Vietnam War, the Internet seems to have taken political speech to a whole new level of lunacy.

Case in point: A well-loved elder member of my family has cut off communication over my protest at receiving hateful, racist emails, with the latest using an ethnic slur against our president and his family. This was forwarded to her by the human resources director of a large local construction company urging everyone to forward this important information to everyone they know.

A couple of previous missives called our president “the Manchurian Candidate,” sent to destroy America by our Islamic enemies. Another rant was to let me know that some conservative black guy said that African people have never had any civilization or constructed any great buildings or societies (the pyramids?).


Folks, when you bombard people with unwelcome toxic political emails, it serves no purpose except alienating you from friends and family who do not share your views.

It will not suddenly cause them to vote for your favorite candidates; it just turns them off. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. This goes for churches, too.

Linda Hall


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