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SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 2012

Tax pledges uncompromising

Those politicians who signed the pledge to never raise taxes are revealing who they really are. In signing, they are in effect saying: “I will not negotiate in good faith, I do not respect other people’s views, I will not compromise. Balance the budget my way or not at all.”

There are two ways to balance the budget: increase taxes or decrease spending. There are those who believe that the level of spending is at the right level or maybe even a little low. They are just as passionate about their position as those who believe we are spending way too much. Who is right is immaterial. What is important is to balance the budget.

When we have one side whose stated goal is not to compromise under any circumstances, then we have an impasse. Who would even want to negotiate with someone who has stated he will never budge.

Those signers of the pledge make themselves appear to be a little self-righteous; more like lobbyists than legislators. They know if they break their pledge they will not get the support from the big money donors. Who do they work for? Follow the money.

Leonard L. Malott


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