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Sun., Sept. 9, 2012

Try a Democrat this time

In 2001, I reported two eyesore code infractions in Spokane County. I chose them to prove that our code enforcement office is not functioning. Both of these infractions have existed for decades; both are extreme examples, and both are in highly conspicuous locations.

The only times code enforcement ever does anything about these is when I call to wake them up. Solely through my hectoring, the offenders were eventually prosecuted. Code enforcement then allowed one of them to remain on probation for over three years while still committing the same infraction that got him convicted! This is Spokane.

Two years ago, I asked Commissioner Todd Mielke to introduce an ordinance that would allow and compel the county to clean up such infractions. I asked him again last week. Both times he refused by not responding.

Mielke’s idea of good government is to blow $4.4 million on a toxic waste site for his car-racing buddies. The Democratic commissioner, Bonnie Mager, opposed that blunder, but was outvoted by the Republicans.

If you want the county to be marked by squalor, waste, crime and corruption, Mielke’s your man. If not, give the Democrat a chance this time. He can’t do worse than Mielke.

Paul Phillips


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