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The Slice Blog

By Paul Turner

Sept. 5 – One of my colleagues was rooting around in the bowels of the newspaper building when she came across an artifact from another era.

It’s an editor’s rubber stamp that says “KILL.”

If that blast from the past mysteriously disappears from her work area, feel free to consider me a prime suspect. Because I am coveting the bejesus out of that primitive tool.

If somehow the opportunity arose (assuming an ink pad materialized), and one had the chance to slam the “KILL” stamp down on some old-fashioned copy that just didn’t meet our standards … well, that would have to be pretty satisfying.

But one thing I’ve learned in my 36 years of newspapering is that it’s better if at least some of your newsroom colleagues do not despise you. Besides, that would be messy.

Spin Control

By Jim Camden

Sept. 5 – Lisa Brown is able to do a bit of traveling these days because she doesn’t have to worry about a re-election campaign. So does she go to Disneyland, Hawaii, Cabo or even Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention?

No. She goes to Azerbaijan.

This week, Brown is in the west Asian country that borders on the Caspian Sea to speak and answer questions at a women’s leadership conference sponsored by the United Nations Democracy Fund in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It’s part of a two-year project to increase the number of women in government and other civic organizations.

The Senate majority leader from Spokane, who is retiring at the end of the year, was scheduled to talk about her experiences in the Legislature and important characteristics of women leaders in the United States and Azerbaijan, a news release from the sponsors said.


By Dave Oliveria

Sept. 7 – I’m not a pack rat by any means. But I like to jam my office spaces – home and at work – with memorabilia and toys.

My folks didn’t have much money when I was growing up. So toys were sparse.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I finally gave in to my long-suffering wife’s request to dust, clean and winnow through my home office baubles. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I packed out of the relatively small office. It ended up scattered over three other rooms.

It was hard to part with things at first. But then I got into a frenzy and began tossing things right and left. In the end, I dusted the office, painted it, and reloaded. I enjoy it much more now.


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