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Tue., Sept. 11, 2012


Demand slows to trickle

The article “Low taxes create jobs” (Sept. 3) shows how young and old alike have been brainwashed into accepting the trickle-down theory of economics. There is one thing, and one thing alone, that induces an entrepreneur to start a business, to increase inventory, or hire employees, and that is the prospect of selling his goods at a profit.

History shows us that regardless of the tax structure, if there is a profit to be made, some entrepreneur will spend whatever is necessary to go after that profit. This country has been laboring under the trickle-down policy for the past 30 years, and if that policy produced jobs, we would have a labor shortage in this country.

A demand for goods and services is created when the middle- and low-income classes have jobs and money to spend, and a tax break to those segments of society would create a modest demand for goods and services.

Currently, we are the richest country in the world, but the riches are largely held by less than 10 percent of the population who already have historically low income tax rates. We know where the wealth is. Where are the trickle-down jobs?

Howard Herman

Spokane Valley

Preserve this old building

I want to echo the message in Bernadine Van Thiel’s excellent Sept. 2 letter urging Washington State University to accept the offer of developer Ron Wells to purchase and renovate the historic Jensen-Byrd Building.

I fear that WSU may not realize how much ill will it has generated in Spokane for its plan to demolish this piece of our history. At the packed City Council meeting on this issue, nearly every Spokane resident who spoke did so in support of saving the Jensen-Byrd. The voices supporting its destruction were from out of town, or were WSU employees.

The decision by Campus Advantage not to pursue its plan to replace the stately Jensen-Byrd with a tacky apartment complex gives WSU the opportunity to restore its reputation. Let Wells purchase the old warehouse and turn it into a handsome, useful space, as he has done with so many historic buildings in our community.

Spokane has lost so many great buildings over the years, let’s not lose this one. It is not too late for WSU to do the right thing.

Larry Cebula


Vote for Gary Johnson

Mitt Romney is now the Republican candidate for the presidency. How would Romney/Paul Ryan operate as executive officers of our nation?

Look at Romney’s performance as governor of Massachusetts. Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth, suffered the second-largest labor force decline in the nation, lost 14 percent of its manufacturing jobs, experienced below-average economic growth, and was often near the bottom. He piled on more debt than any other state and left Massachusetts residents with $10,504 in per capita bond debt.

The first year of Romney’s administration (2003), the Massachusetts state budget was $22.25 billion and his last budget, in 2007, it was $27.92 billion, a 25 percent increase in the size of the state government.

Romney implemented a state health care plan that all state residents had to join. President Barack Obama’s health care plan was largely based upon Romney’s health care plan.

If you want large, intrusive, expanding government, massive deficits and debt, then vote for either Romney or Obama.

However, there is a presidential candidate who would eliminate the federal deficits and debt, and that is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.

Mark Johnson

Nine Mile Falls

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