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Thu., Sept. 13, 2012

Afraid for the future

OK, here we go, already with the muddy smokescreens (mixed metaphor). The first thing to suffer in any election is the truth. Without a doubt, these past four years under President Barack Obama have been expensive. The president inherited a troubled economy, and he has been unable to right that ship, as he promised. The jobs and incomes created have been nothing like the jobs and incomes lost.

But I have to put some of the blame on the tea party members who are driving the Republican Party and making it impossible to reach any kind of consensus. Even some of the middle-thinking Republican statesmen are giving up and going home. These past four years under the current Congress have been a do-little, get-in-the-way, and resolve-nothing-that-really-matters period. And while I fear another four years under President Obama, it truly feels like the tea party has no interest in making things better for the rapidly shrinking middle class.

For that reason alone, I fear four years under Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan even more. I worry for my kids, no matter what. And that’s the truth from an independent, conservative-leaning, voter.

Doug Kaer


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